Noise when playing after update from Cubase 10 to Cubase 11


I updated to cubase 11 because of another issue.
Unfortunatley there are this noise-problem after updating.

In cubase 10 I could run pretty heavy projects on 256 in buffer size.
(Might actually been able to go lower after getting my M1. Didn’t get the chance to try.)
Now the same project is basically white noise. Choosing 2048 in buffer size gives me noisy “64-note” chops. When opening a project with 2 tracks running I could get away with a buffer size of 768 and it worked. This however is not a solution.

I have updated the drivers on my interface. So they’re fresh. (Octa capture from Roland).
I am running a MacBook Pro M1, 32GB RAM.

And also. The interface and everything works fine before opening Cubase. If I play from Spotify or Youtube etc. After opening a Cubase session the crackling starts and continues to affect the sound of the other sound sources too.

Any ideas?

Sincerely Marcus


I’m sorry, Cubase 10 is not M1 compatible, neither macOS 11 or 12.

Is the driver compatible?

I guess the Octa-Capture is not M1 compatible as well.

OK, funny thing that Cubase 10 worked with the Octacapture then on the M1 in that case!
But it doesn’t explain why Cubase 11 doesn’t work tho.

And yes, the drivers are compatible. :+1:

Ah, I found that Cubase turned off some settings, like multi-processing and the ASIO-guard.
I got it to work.

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