Noisy Audio Tracks

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for this. I am using Cubase LE4 with the Alesis Multimix 8 USB on Windows 7 64 bit. When I record a new audio track, I get a ton of hiss that is audible over the instrument that I recorded. If I just play though the Multimix, there is no hiss. There is also no hiss if I just use Guitar Rig with the same driver. It just seems to be a Cubase thing.

I just set this up. Everything was working fine on my old Windows XP system. I called all of the manufactures to make sure everything was compatible with Windows 7 and got the OK or the updated driver.

Do I have something setup incorrectly?

Also, I can’t seem to set the buffer lower than 512. In Guitar Rig I can get it down to 256 and there is no latency. Cubes, I get a slight delay at 512.

Have you downloaded the ASIO4ALL driver and set it up in Cubase.

Yes. It came with the mixer. Maybe I should download the latest version. Have they updated it at all over the past 4 years?

I think 2.10 is the latest version. I wouldn’t be expecting further updates any time soon. Bypass your VST effects and also increase your latency up to 2048 samples to see if the hiss is still present. Might also use another driver (Maybe the Generic Low Latency?).

Thanks. I will look at that stuff tonight. After reading your posts I went back and checked my setup. I should have paid more attention. It was configured to use a generic Microsoft ASIO driver. I downloaded a couple new ones and I will give those a try.