Noisy Cubase 6

Dose anybody else have this problem I just got Fostex PM 1 MK2 powered monoters when im surfing the net there quiet not a hum buzz squike sizzle, nothing but true sterio qulaty sound. but the second I insert my E-Licenser and turn on cubase all kinds of noises start, sounds like electric moters are running inside the speaker box I half to turn them off to record or my mic picks it all up in the track like some messed up background noise and so far its only when Im running Cubase 6.5 as Im typing this Im uploding 6.7 thanks for any help I can get on this and no it.s not the speakers unless they hate cubase

I will assume you are using a PC, otherwise this may not be relevant.

When you use the internet, it is not using the same driver (ASIO) that Cubase is using, so you probably have a set up issue with the ASIO driver.

Cubase itself, will not add noise, but the audio driver could.

You should never have speakers on if you are recording with a Mic in the same room, apart from the obvious feedback, you will get phase cancelling issues that you may not at first realise is taking place. Actually, the noise you are hearing could well be feedback anyway.

please form sentences use punctuation when typing this includes the litle dots we know as periods it will make it a lot easier for other people to understand you if you want assistance it’s best if you do this people find posts like yours hard to read most people will be annoyed and not want to help you I am not trashing you here only trying to help have a good day

Dear andyjh. thank you for your quick reply and your rite, but when I record using the mic I turn my volum to the monoter on my Interface all the way down so theres no feed back and when Im mixing I turn phantom power off and turn my monoter volum back up and the noise is rite there every time so you think it’s the driver thats awesome man I didnt know that thank you I will update the driver now and run a diognestics trouble scan to sheck for isues your a big help dude thanks.

Did you already tried different usbslots with you dongle?

Greetz Bassbase

yes I have BassBase I now have it in my front 2.0 slot But as a matter of fact I dont think I have changed slots now that I got the new monoters so thank you bro I will also try that I am using a ci2Plus interface I need to upgrade I know but thanks brother