Noisy playback on simple files

When I play back a file I get crackling noises, even when the CPU usage very low. My current spec should appear in my signature, the computer is I think about four years old and is due for upgrading. So, the first question is- is it a problem with the built-in soundcard? If so, is there a fix that I can apply?

If there is no practical fix, then I am willing and able to buy a better specified computer and any peripherals that are needed but I was rather hoping not to have to do this too soon because, as a newbie, I want to get familiar with the software and decide what uses I want to put it to before investing in what might turn out to be the wrong equipment.

At the moment I foresee only enthusiastic amateur use, by someone who loves music but isn’t very good at it. I have a Roland VG-99 and Godin Multiac guitar by the way, but get the crackles even when they are not in use.

Aloha R,

For playback, try increasing your buffer size.

As a rule I set:

1-buffers lo for tracking
2-buffers hi for playback.

HTH (hope this helps) and good luck.

Thanks, Curteye, I will try that next chance I get. :slight_smile:

You say you have a Zoom R16. Aren’t you using that as your “soundcard”?

No, just as an audio interface. I got it because initially I was going to use only that as a recoding device, the Cubase was an idea I had later on. Now that I have the Cubase I don’t use the Zoom for recording, just as a way of getting audio signals into the computer (via USB).

Right, well, I enlarged the buffer to the maximum, but no difference. So then I tried disconnecting the Zoom and changed the driver to the standard one, and plugged my headphones into the computer. The noise was gone! But it meant I couldn’t get signals from guitar and mic into the computer so connected the Zoom back up and left the driver as was, no sound through the Zoom. So then switched the driver back to the Zoom driver and got sound through the Zoom, and the crackles have gone. Strange stuff!

Thanks for the help, guys.