Nomad Factory - Analogue Echo Box & Magnetic

Just came across this offer at Don’t Crack, Analogue Echo Box at an introductory price of $49 (instead of $129):

Good news if you missed the Magnetic introductory deal, you can get both Analogue Echo Box and Magnetic for $99:

To be honest I hadn’t heard ofthe A E Box before but I love Magnetic so I’m gonna give the demo a try.

don’t crack deal on echoes at $49. downloaded the demo and it is superb. i’d buy it instantly except i’ve spent a lot on plugins and hardware this week. how do i avoid buying this tomorrow!
excellent delay. download demo and try it; totally smooth when changing parameters. i like the oilcan echo plugin but this goes way beyond that.

Been demoing this all week and I really like it, instant dubby vibes! I’ve been kicking myself for a good while now that I didn’t get the Nomad Oilcan Echo in that AudioMidi deal and have been longing after Soundtoys Echoboy just recently.

I think I’ll get Echoes now and just save up for the complete Soundtoys bundle whilst I’m tweaking away at this. Come on Eddie, just buy it, only £30! Just take an anti-Royal stance tomorrow and refuse to leave the house/go to the pub/street party (yes, I live in East London, it’s flags, bunting & balloons as far as the eye can see) :smiley:

Talked myself into it - the deed is done! :smiley:

yes but i bought waves vocal rider, waves ir-l and a motu 2408 in the last couple of weeks. maybe the “royal” couple will throw me some dosh? us peasants deserve presents! ed

Leave them alone!
I’m no royalist, but the idea of Presidents Blair/Brown/Cameron/Clegg? Much, much worse. :imp:
Plus what they bring in each year far outweighs any cost by a long, long way.

not the place for such an argument.