The lot for $99 if you own a nomad factory product. i already have a few of these, but worth it just for echoes and magnetic 2 that i was going to buy anyway. nice timing! . the sc226 is worth the price alone…
64 bit versions included.

all downloaded very easily as one large installer for 32 bit, one for 64. 50 plugins registered with one serial number. excellent. some very nice compressors and eqs to go with the superb “echoes”. the phaser and chorus are very nice too.
with kontakt 5 in the post, xmas comes early to Ed!

I just purchased this today…unfortunately there is a bug…the two Magnetics and the new ECHOES install but do not get recognised by cubase and do not show up. The dll files are in the vst folder and all the other effects work but not those 3. I tried to contact NF and we will see what kind of answer I get.

magnetic and echoes work perfectly in cubase 6 for me. ed

Bernie will look after you, no worries on that score.

As to why they are not showing, can you look in the plugin information window (devices) and see if they are listed in there? If they are then tick the box & relaunch. If they are not then try deleting the plugin blacklist and allow cubase to rescan everything.

hi neil. how do you delete plugins blacklist? i have a couple of plugins from other manuafacturers that are hidden… thanks, ed

All my Nomads are still on an iLOK here, although I think they now license the machine directly.
Bernie has always been one of the very fair ones too - he generally bends over backwards to be helpful, and I really cannot say enough good things about the way he does business as well. He’s a real gent.

The plugs.
I like them. Clean they are not (although the Liquid series are cleaner than the Blue Tubes ones by a long margin) but when you want character, these have it up the wazoo. They seem to be heavily based on classics like the Pultecs, although not exact emulations - it’s much more of an “inspired by”. That’s no reason not to try them though.
The entire Blue Tubes bundle is very, very good. The “Analog (sic) Signature Series” is also very good - again, inspired by vintage classics and again very usable. BlueVerb actually won an award when first released, if I remember rightly.

Well worth trying.

thnaks for blacilist info.
p.s. the analogue channel 226 is worth the $99 on it’s own to me: i use it a lot. fantastic eq and compressor.
echoes is superb especially if you are into realtime modification; the sound bends and warps and pitch changes smoothly. magnetic 2 is very cool. a real no-brainer if you have a qualifying plugin…

The same problem with Magnetic (both versions) and ECHOES. I’ve already tried:

  • moving all VST plugins to other folder + removing blacklist + Cubase plugins Update + update plugin information
  • moving back only these 3 plugins + removing blacklist + Cubase plugins Update + update plugin information
  • moving these 3 plugins to other folder seen by Cubase + removing blacklist + Cubase plugins Update + update plugin information

Nothing helps. The support suggested moving them one level up - it doesn’t help either. On my laptop with similar configuration (Windows 7 64 Bit + Cubase 6 64 Bit, although no iLoks or some other plugins) it works without any problem.

Also I’ve tried the same in Cubase 5.5.2 which is still installed (I upgraded to version 6 but didn’t uninstalled version 5). No luck.

Any idea?


yep they told me that too. Move to another folder, also I tried to delete the blacklist xml file. doesn’t work. The 3 dll’s just go right back into the blacklist…think it has something to do with ILOK?

besides the problems with Magnetic and Echoes…

I like several of these Blue tubes the Pulsetec EQ is pretty good, the LM662 fairchild clone is pretty good and I really like the oilcan echo…nice on vocals. I also like the retrovox, not for everything but it is kind of cool.

was really looking forward to looking at magnetic and magnetic II …I have Kramer MPX and wanted to see the comparison…maybe they will work this out soon.

i don’t think it’s i-lok related. i have an i-lok 2 on my system and megnetic works fine. do you mean that you have registered the plugins onto an i-lok though? i registered via serial number online.
i should add that i already had magnetic and a few of the others installed and working before buying this bundle. after installing i deleted the duplicate dll files. ed

I have both iLoks (version 1 and 2). A couple years ago I bought BT Analog TrackBox and it was authorized by iLok. Then they moved to serial authorization procedure. No, I’m not sure it’s related to iLok. However, it’s the main difference between both Cubase configurations.

I thought about a plugin IDs assigned to these problematic ones. If it is in conflict with other plugins it could be a problem to load them. But I removed all other plugins from VSTPlugins folder and it didn’t help.

I created a plugin in Synthedit (just INs and OUTs, no processing) with internal name ECHOES in ECHOES.dll file. I copied it to Nomad Factory folder (I’ve renamed the old original ECHOES.dll to ECHOES.dllold). My plugin was accepted by Cubase, displayed in Nomad Factory plugins group and loaded properly into an insert slot. ECHOES.dll disappeared from blacklist file. I closed Cubase, removed my plugin and restored original one’s name. After starting Cubase again ECHOES.dll is again in the blacklist file. Maybe it proofs that’s not a problem with plugin name. Well, I can do the same test with plugin ID but I’m not sure how I can read it from the already compiled plugin.

I’ll try with 32 bit versions of these plugins. And that’s the last idea I have…


I had 2 previous NF plugins on an ILOK. The new ones unfortunately do not allow an ILOK to be used for authorization.

Found this on the Don’t Crack Forums

" Today, 02:09 PM Post #5
DontCrack Staff
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Dear friends,

Many of you reported issues with the latest Nomad Factory installers on PC where some plug-ins as ECHOES, MAGNETIC, etc wouldn’t show up in some DAWs.

The folks at Nomad worked on that the hole week-end and uploaded a new version last night

That one was a very tricky issue that came from a PC that somehow upgraded the system and added some “dependency” as they were compiling previous PC installers.

Nomad therefore compiled new installers on an other machine and it appears that FIXED ALL BUGS encountered by some of you under certain circumstances and the plug-ins normally working as they should !

The new installers are available from this link :

The folks at Nomad and ourselves at DC apologies for the trouble some of you went through and thank you for reporting. That was a tough one as we simply couldn’t reproduce the problem on any PCs installed at Nomad or DontCrack Anyhow, it appears that the problems are now fixed !

Thanks for your patience and your understanding.

Kind Regards - Peter


Peter Donovan
Customer Support"

excellent. i might grab it anyway if it fixes other issues…ed

Downloaded, installed and tested - works with no problems!


just been playing with the analog chorus on acoustic guitar. best chorus i’ve tried. very nice. i own lots of chorus plugins including the uad one. this is much more magical sounding and more flexible.
give it try. i reckon it will be great on female backing vocals too. must try that tomorrow in the studio. ed
p.s. how do you like echoes? i’m a big fan of it. can’t wait to put it to real use on somebody’s music! :slight_smile:

Echoes is ok but I seem to get better sounds from the older oil can echo in the bundle.

Yes they did come up with a solution on Sunday night. Nice to see a manufacturer of software who actually goes to that trouble to find a solution, instead of just telling you it is your fault.

Comparing Magnetic and Magnetic II to Kramer MPX and it is much more subtle, seems easier to get good results.

This is good info . I purchased an Audiomidi no brainer on the British bundle and later the sale on the Blue Tubes bundle and once I installed the latter ,the Brit bundle is never found. I just gave up on these.