Nomad Factory plug ins?? any good ?? any views?

Im considering buying Nomad Factory plug ins? anyone out there had any good or bad experiences? or are familliar with them and would push them or else favor an alternative? using C6 64 bit.

It would just be really helpful to have some reliable opinion on them as they look great, get good reviews, but I’m not overly familiar. :question:

Whilst they will not be to everyone’s liking, I personally like them.
Best bet is to try the trial versions & see what you think.

i got a lot of the no-brainer deals from
my summary; analog channel sc226 compressor/eq is excellent.
oilcan delay; excellent.
magnetic; excellent.
british channel eq; excellent.
british channel compressor limiter; can’t make it do anything useful or reliable!
analog trackbox; ok but a lot of work to get it sounding good.
on average i paid about £15 per plugin. at these prices it’s worth the gamble.
the sc226 is worth around £100 i reckon…

Just to say ive been using Nomad’s All Tech EQ.

Blown away by this as it goes. Great little tool and very high quality. plus it looks Bad Ass

I also tried the Blue Verb but im not rating this as highly as i do REVerence. Based on this good experience with the All Tech EQ i’m definitely gonna try some more.

Nomad Factory!

I can personally recommend it. One of the best EQ and plugins in the Software’s business. Sure better the UAD or Waves plugins… Check out Nomad Blue Tube Series-

I’ll second the praise for the SC-226. A really good plug-in. I got it for the $15 no-brainer on a while back.

I presume this enquiry is related to the current $15 liquid bundle no-brainer? I’m considering getting it but have only heard mediocre reviews. May have to download the demo…

Actually started this thread about some of the bigger name plug-ins, which ive been trying out and by now am very impressed with. Studio Channel SC-226 is, as pointed out, of the better models. Found a lot of use for it and ive been told by a mate its a kind of must have tool for vocals but I haven’t had that pleasure as of yet. The All Tech EQ (As mentioned above) im also very happy with. Outstanding for drums and im quite happy with the acoustic guitar sound ive got coming through it.

About to spend a little time on the Pulse Tech demo version.

Honestly, and I guess this is down to taste,… but for me these plug-ins are not ones to have instead of a Waves or UAD bundle. The Best of them though are of excellent quality & are increasingly popular among my tools of choice. Got some real and genuine enthusiasm for them. :nerd:

i’ve been using the sc226 instead of my usual uad la2a/pultec combination on some songs.
it easily compares for me at least… but i still use my uad plugins a lot too. just depends on the singer and song.
magnetic has been getting good reviews at £100. i got it for about £40. love these audiomidi guys!

Completely different compressor type there - LA2A is an Opto style, and the SC226 is based on a tube design.

doesn’t matter what type it is. what matters is that they are both compressors and sometimes i prefer one or the other. like sometimes i like an apple instead of an orange, even though it is an apple and not an orange but still fruit!

Nice analogy, if somewhat twisted, but still nice!
All I was trying to say was that opto, FET & VCA compressors all sound totally different in character - not that any are right or wrong. The right one is the one that sounds best at the time.

Back on thread though, I really like some of the Nomad Factory stuff. Whilst it is not what you could ever call precise in most cases, that is not their point - they are all very much “colourful” or “character” designs and the Blue Tubes bundles do this rather nicely. Doesn’t suit everything but when it does suit, it can be really good.
Their “Analog (sic) Signature Series” is also well worth the price you can get them for. The SC226 you mention has an almost unique sound quality to it I have not heard in anything else, the LM622 has a nice touch to it as well but FairChild it is not, despite the look of it. This is not a problem as it again has a very nice sound with little effort required to make it sound very musical & smooth.

right you are neil. if ua released the sc226 but with a “name” badge on it they could get £300 for it and people would buy if they thought it modelled something rare!
at the prices offered by audiomidi, jrr shop etc they are a steal.

offtopic now but the worst plugins i ever got were the crysonic. an audiomidi no-brainer but in this case i wish i had a brain and kept my money.

Got the LIquid bundle from AudioMidi.

Out of interest, you said prices at ‘JrrShop’ and mentioned an ‘etc’…?

Where else can i find deals such as Audio Midi or are they pretty much the best? Just that waiting for the right deal to come around may be a long and drawn out affair. Gutted i missed blue verb which must of just happened.

Ive had a few bad experiences with discounted download sites so i normally stear well clear. But if you guys know of any i can trust that do cheap Nomad id be more than interested .

i think “don’t crack” have good deals sometimes. ed

Cheers Ed. Ill keep an eye out.

tbh I want to see the Nomad Factory Analog Trackbox and Steven Slate Drums EX ‘no-brainers’ again.

I missed out on them originally.

my opinion on the steven slate ex drums; at best just about ok. the hype they put up about their samples is way over the top. as a bfd2 user, i thought i’d try the no-brainer deal. so with a client working on some heavy rock stuff we swapped out bfd2 for the slate stuff. went back to bfd after a few minutes.
i suspect part of this for me is that i hate the use of kontakt player. each instrument (i.e. a single drum) takes up a lot of room. bfd2 much more suitable for drum editing and mixing.
even at $15 i’d say the slate is to be passed on.
analog trackbox can sound good but you’ll need to work with it a bit. grab it if the no-brainer returns.

cool thanks for the tip. Yeah I used to use BFD1 and liked it. Would love to go to BFD2 and Geist but not in my budget at the moment.

What I would love would be a no-brainer for the Fabfilter Pro-Q and Pro-C!

Can’t believe the coments about the Audio Midi Slate Drums No Brainer! This is one of the best deals I’ve ever gotten. The drums sound great and Kontakt is very easy to work with. Each instrument takes up a channel in Kontakt but this means the ultimate flexibility in processing each drum and customizing the sound. Jezz, it was $15 !!! ; thats a burrito and a drink where I live. Slate Drums are far superior to EZ Drummer which I think I paid $129 for.

I also got the Nomad Liquid bundle no brainner a few days ago. I haven’t extensively used the plugs yet but have liked what I’ve heard so far and they seem to have low overhead

my comments about the slate drums are just a serving suggestion! of course it comes down to personal taste.
but for me, taking up an amount of space for one drum that would nearly fit the whole of sampletank is bad. and i can’t even see a way to press the panel for an audition of the sound i’m editing.
this is a kontakt issue though (actually; it might be my fault since i don’t use kontakt enough to know the ins and outs). it saddens me to see most sample libraries using “custom” (i.e. reskin the graphics) versions of kontakt. hate that interface, no matter how powerful it is.
i also tried to use the slate sounds in drumagog and again have found them to be spectacularly ordinary at best. at worst, they are just flabby, overly processed and ambient. ok if all your music sounds like 80s american style!
again, these are just the humble opinions (my arse!) of old ed!