Non-Abbreviated Staff Labels

Folks, as the info on Staff Labels says, it’s normal to show the full names of instruments on the first page of the score, and then show abbreviations on subsequent pages. All good. Except that I found an option to change the first page so that abbreviations are also shown there. Now, several days later, I want to change it back to the norm, but I can’t find where that option is! Can someone help? I’ve searched multiple things in the Help, and looked through what seems to be every possible option list in all modes. Thanks for any assistance. I’m using Dorico 2.2.


Layout Options > Staves and Systems > Staff Labels.

Thank you. It seems so obvious now! :slight_smile:

NB: if you ever want to change just one (for whatever reason) you can insert a system break in engrave mode, click on the signpost and use the properties panel to manually override that particular spot.