"non" and "senza" added as option in the dynamics pane as modifiers for "cresc." and "dim."?

I would just like to propose that among the modifiers on offer in the dynamics pane for crescendos and diminuendos – currently we have ‘molto’, ‘poco,’ poco a poco,'and ‘niente’ – I might propose that ‘non’ and ‘senza’ be added as well. I find these useful, and I dare say that there are others of us out there who would too.

Since non and senza do nothing (make no change in playback, i.e. no semantic function) they should probably be in the expressions section rather than the dynamics section or else simply added as text.

To do these semantically correctly and get the same font and positioning as other dynamics, I would repeat the same (prevailing) dynamic, add “non cresc.” or whatever as a suffix, and hide the intensity marking. (You have to add the suffix afterward in Properties to avoid triggering the modifier and having “non” thrown out.)

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