Non clicky sub bass sound

I’m a longtime Cubase user but not really a synth guy, I have a track to mix & the bass part is lacking bottom end,
I’m trying to find a simple sine/sub bass sound to program underneath the existing bass.
I’ve tried tweeking sounds in Monologue but keep ending up with a click at the front of each note, i’m sure it’s possible & easy for someone with knowledge of such things, just hoping someone can enlighten me?
Many thanks

most probable scenario-- increase the attack time (slider) ever so slightly on the synth to create a short fade in on the sound.

if you’re using someone’s preset, chances are they may have programmed a very quick pitch envelope at the beginning of the sound using a mod envelope; if that’s the case, disengage the modulation assignment to pitch.

less likely…
if you’ve bounced to audio and it still clicks, chances are you’re compressing it with too short an attack on a compressor, and it’s acting on the individual cycles of the waveform and creates clicks (lengten attack time on compressor).

or there are zero-crossings issues. fades or nudging the waveform helps.