Non-Commercial Licence

Is there a non-commercial licence available for Dorico Pro? Many other software companies do it. I’m a retired college lecturer acnd just use Elements to digitise my band music collection as a past-time.

The standard licence is a personal one, not a commercial one.

Do you have an old version of Finale or Sibelius? If so, you could take advantage of the cross-grade deal, which is considerably cheaper than the full upgrade price.

(You just missed a 30% discount off the usual price; but there are frequent sales.)

I think what the OP is asking is whether there is a free licence for personal use. Sorry, Dorico is not a freemium ecosystem.

If you want free then you would have to look at MuseScore, or Lilypond.

Andro, l am not lookibg for anything free. I would be quite happy to pay £250-£300 for a licence, more than that is a bit expensive. I can live with my Elements that does give me quite a lot of productivity. I hope your reference to OP doesnt mean what l think it does?

OP just means original poster, the starter of a topic. It can’t possible be construed as offensive. It is a widespread forum abbreviation. I can’t imagine what you think it means :slight_smile:


Andro, l thought i was being referred to as ‘Old age Pensioner’ - thank you for your explanation. I’m not familiar with modern forum/smartphone short-cuts. No offence caused at all.

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