Non contiguous shift-selection

As per the title and video, I would really appreciate being able to select multiple non contiguous regions, similar to macOS finder selection. Most obvious benefit would be easier staff selection (i.e. being able to select several bars in one instrument and several bars in another instrument several staves away without selecting all the instruments in between). Very handy for swapping music around etc, especially if the music extends off screen so as to limit the usefulness of the marquee tool.

In case it’s unclear, the method is cmd+click to start selection, shift+click to extend selection, cmd+click to begin an additional selection, shift+click to extend additional selection.

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Try this:
Using the marquee tool, click and drag to make a selection. Hold down cmd then do click and drag on another part of the page to add to that selection. The two selected areas should be non-contiguous. To view off-screen notes, in between making selections you could use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll across.