Non Cubase windows popping up over Cubase since 11.0.0 on Windows

Is anyone else seeing this?

I’ll be working away in CB quite happily, and then click on a cubase or VST window and another totally unrelated non cubase window (eg Chrome) pops up over the top of all the cubase/vst windows.

It’s hardly a show-stopper, but its very annoying, and obviously shouldn’t happen. Doesn’t happen often - maybe a couple of times a day.

This is on Windows, which of course you can’t tell with the lack of Signatures in the new forums.

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Yes, been doing that for a couple years here.

Yep, it’s a real PITA

It seems to regularly happen to me after I import audio into the pool.

That’s a focus thing, a little annoying indeed.

Maybe its a plugin that automatically goes online, in search for that x.x.125beta update

I know on MacOS, the iZotope plugs do that, its very annoying but at least you can turn it off

Yes, noticed that on Windows 10 too. It is indeed annoying.

I have not experienced this however the first thing I would check is if the plugins used in the session are all registered with a legit licence, some plugins can communicate online with the company that made them to check authenticity. If that is fine then the next thing I would do is change the default browser and see if that helps.

This is a well known problem – nothing to do with plugins sending urls, default browsers and such. Also it’s on Windows only.

I paid a little more attention to it today. And yep, after importing audio into the pool. I’m almost always bounced to another window / open program. It’s very much like hitting alt tab and toggling to the next open window.

I see, like I said never encountered it myself on Windows 10 but if I did they would be the first steps I would take, hope u get a fix soon :slight_smile: