Non-destructive tuplets, please

At present, if I overwrite a bar with tuplets, the following bar can be affected (depending on the note value selected):

I’d really prefer such a function were non-destructive, especially given how flexible and dependable note input and editing are in general.


I second that, especially when writing/removing tuplets on drum kits (that naturally have multiple voices), it really gets messy easily and things are lost

Specifically, a ‘fewer’ ratio 2:3, a rarer case which lengthens rather than shortens. I prefer to delete irrelevant notes before entering new ones in the same place. Certainly I wouldn’t want to enter a tuplet on notes I don’t intend to keep. But that’s me.

I don’t see what is destroyed there. Deleting the offending remnant in the next bar easily restores the notation (as I know you know).

I don’t want any offending remnants. If I’m going to overwrite anything, it shouldn’t affect anything beyond where I’m working presently. My two cents.

My point about the flexibility of note input and editing was that I generally don’t expect to have to delete something before putting something in its place. This is outlier behavior.

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