Non Dongle problem

After being dubious about the lack of dongle i realised there would be a benefit after all. Not having to swap it between 3 PC’s would be very useful (after initially hooking up to the internet). However it seems i cannot work without the dongle after all as a large amount of content cannot be loaded with the dongle. Any workaround?

You will need to wait till Steinberg updates their other products like Halion, Wavelab etc. to the new licensing scheme.

Does anyone know how long it will take?

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Until next year, at least for some products.

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If I remember correctly, someone mentioned that wavelab and spectralayers will be the next products updated to use the new licensing scheme.

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The timescale Steinberg has been giving for all products to migrate to Steinberg Licensing is of the order of 18 months, though they have also said that they are looking for ways to shorten that.

Dorico, Cubase and now Nuendo have migrated.

A new version of HALion was mentioned in one of the Steinberg Licensing announcements, so I expect we will see HALion 7 and HALion Sonic 4 in the next few months. WaveLab 11 and Groove Agent 5 are listed in the Steinberg support web pages as going to migrate to Steinberg Licensing without waiting for a paid major version upgrade. There has been mention in this forum of paid versions of SpectraLayers moving to Steinberg Licensing; it is unclear whether this will be a new paid major version upgrade or not.

It is not just applications that must migrate, but content packs. Here, Steinberg appears to have two options. If I had to guess, I would think it likely Steinberg will start the content pack migrations alongside Groove Agent 5 migrating to Steinberg Licensing. The other possibility is to allow migration of existing standalone Padshop 2 and/or Retrologue 2 licences to Steinberg Licensing (both applications already have dual licensing built in in the latest point releases - they work with eLicenser licences but also with Cubase 12 and Nuendo 12 licences) along with their content packs. Once content pack migrations are working, the way is then clear to release HALion 7/HALion Sonic 4 and migrate existing HALion content packs to Steinberg Licensing. Backbone will also need a release with dual licensing built in, then existing standalone Backbone licences can be migrated and a new version of Absolute including HALion 7 can be released.

Even once all this complex work is done, there are still a lot of other bits and pieces to migrate over to Steinberg Licensing, including the DNxHD add-on for Cubase and Nuendo.

Steinberg Licensing is still missing important features: offline activation, site licence support and licence transfers.

Steinberg have made a great start by getting the new versions of Dorico, Cubase and Nuendo onto the new licensing platform. I think we will see a lot more progress in the next 3-6 months.

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Thanks for the response. Looks like they’re going to take their time (long) over this. :neutral_face: