Non-linear Undo function

I kind of thought this would have been there with the new mixer undo but apparently not, so hence this FR.

I would imagine this to work similarly in both Mixer undo history and Edit History Dialog.

As it is at the moment you have an undo list - last in-first out. This is basically like hitting Ctrl-Z multiple times. What I would like to have is the ability to undo something in the middle of the list, leaving the last actions untouched.


  • Twiddle with your hit single
  • remove an effect somewhere
  • twiddle some more
  • undo the “remove effect” part
  • twiddle twiddle twiddle ad infinitum

that would save a lot of time

+1, add this to every program ever. It’s 2017 and Donald Trump is president… It’s time for selective undo.

This has been asked for for many years… it’s one of my Annual Requests.

Apparently DP has it. I know it as forking from software development environments which have offered this for decades.


Regards :sunglasses:

+1 - this would be EXCELLENT


+1 - a MUST have :slight_smile: