Non-pitched Cue Voice Direction

Is there anyway for an unpitched percussion cue to have stems down? Pressing “F” to flip does nothing and setting the Voice Direction property to “Force Stems Down” doesn’t affect the stems (it does seem to affect rest positioning a bit).

At the moment, the answer is “no”, but that’s not right. What’s happening is that the engraving option for the default stem direction for a single-line percussion staff is taking precedence over the cue property for stem direction. This isn’t really right, and we’ll make sure it gets changed for future versions.

Interesting! I was looking around and had a feeling that might be involved but I didn’t do any testing.

Thanks for this! Strange scenario where I was cueing a percussion kit to a different percussion kit and wanted the instrument to appear in the same space, but have the usual reverse stem direction of a cue.