Non playable metronome text and notes?

I am working on music that has a tempo map and therefor inserted tempo text should not change the playback. I know how to create the gradual tempo changes as system text with correct font, so it imitates the official tempo text. But how can I do this with metronome note and number without having to re-create this from scratch every time from 2 different text objects? (SMuFL + normal text). Plus combining 2 elements this way will not keep them together perfectly when making layout changes in score and part. Is there a way to group them?

In a future version you’ll be able to “mute” a tempo item so it won’t play back, which will make this a lot easier, since you’ll be able to simply use a real tempo.

But in the meantime you don’t have to create two text items: you can change font and size within a single text item, so you can simply paste in the notes you need from the SMuFL web site, being sure to change the character style to ‘Music text’ so that the note appears in Bravura Text.

Thanks, Daniel. That really helps. And great to hear about the “mute” option in a future version.