Non-Propagated Signposts

Wouldnt be easier to have dedicated signposts for Non-Propagated items?
Maybe they can only be shown in the engraved window only!
It would be even better if the user can choose in engraving options to set some items to global vs local and save the settings for all upcoming projects.
Another option would be to have a different color for Propgrated items vs non-propagated items.


There are already different colored signposts for different types of item (text, tuplets, time signatures, etc.) Lumping them all into one colour seems a step backwards.

The Properties panel already shows this information adequately. I don’t think it would be helpful to use signposts for this.

Should I Set all Local properties to global by default in the bottom panel?
If yes, I wish this options existed in layout options so I could save it that way and have it on for every score.

I don’t advise always setting all local properties to global – this is why we provide options for whether they should be set locally or globally, rather than simply changing the program to always set them globally. In particular, when you set local properties to apply globally, any adjustments you make to the horizontal and vertical position of items, or to the shape or contour of a slur or tie (for example), will apply in all layouts where that item appears, and I doubt that you always want this to happen by default.

is it any way to transform a global propriety to a local propriety in a specific layout?
What I want to achieve is to have cautionary accidentals only in the instrumental parts, not in the general score.
I already set that cautionary in the score, propagated in the parts, but now I would like to have it only in the parts, not anymore in the score. Is there simple way of doing this?
Thanks you

Yes, switch back to the score, set ‘Set local properties’ to ‘Locally’, and then change the property value in the score. That will leave the global value used by all the parts alone.

I tried this way, but I already have set all the properties when I wrote the score. Then I propagate them on the parts, but now I don’t want them anymore in the score. Whenever I make a bigger selection of music, hide all accidentals proprieties switched of with locally proprieties on, everything is changed also in parts.

Here is a part of my project and maybe you are more successful in doing this, since I didn’t manage to solve it.
Since condensing is not stating the cautionary accidentals I set, would be a bad result to have in un-condensed staves cautionary and to omit that in condensed staves. So instead of wasting hours of resetting all the cautionary in the condensed staves, I decide to turn of all of them in the score and just keep them in the parts instead. Is it a way to do this globally in the stage of writing I am now?

Thank you so much!