Non realtime indication

Hi. I cant understand why mixer level meter shows the signal level with a delay ? For example, when i click on a trigger on my keybord, i hear the sound before the level meter will display the level. In all other daws all synchronized. THX


the signal meter shows how the program receives/performs the signal in realtime, so the signal in cubase might be delayed.
Depends on your setup.
f.e. direct monitoring is on, so you hear everything in time, but depending on driver/program settings in cubase the signal in the program is with a delay. (f.e. usage of multiband compressors, heavy usage of insert effects on inputs, and so on…)

You need to be much more precise with the description of the problem.

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OK, this happens always, regardless of the use of plug-ins and their number on the channel. even if the channel is empty. what settings do You mean? I’m not using direct monitoring, because I need to hear the processed sound, of course. I use Lynx E44 sound card

maybe someone will pick up the discussion further on, but FWIW:

  • no sync between audio signal and software. this is not logical and not possible. If you say “i click on a trigger on my keyboard, i hear the sound before the level meter will display the level” … means the signal you hear is not the signal that comes from what is registered by the cubase meter settings. I am not able to verify your setup and settings, but that should be a starting point to any solution. This is most probably a routing question.

  • if you want a forum to pick up on a issue, you need in your case print screens from connections, driver, and overall mainworkflow screen layout

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