Non responsive file

The file below has, overnight, become non-responsive. When I try to open it, Dorico crashes before it even opens.

Can anyone suggest a fix?

Y11 Free Composition.dorico (409.5 KB)

Hi there,

I didn’t have a problem opening it up in Dorico 3.5. If it helps, here are XML Files for the Full Score and Instrument layouts.

Flows from Y11 Free (27.8 KB)

Interesting, the file loads with me, but does not play back because it does not contain any audio engine data which is really unusual. I don’t know how this can happen just by itself. Or did you actively set the silence template?
Also, could you please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks

Thank you both for your help - xml file is perfect. I’ve just tried opening it again on a fourth different machine to send the dump files and, weirdly, it worked.

I wonder if it was linked to the file name which I changed to upload it here - it’s possible it was the same as another file being backed up I. The same place on our network.

You can rename a Dorico project file, but it won’t change the file content.
So I have no clue what happened to your project. But good to hear that you have it working again.