non standard pipes - Northumbrian pipes ?

I am thinking at some stage in the future of writing a piece of music for Northumbrian pipes.

Is there a sound I can use for this - or must I look for a sound file to import into Halion ?

Yes, you have to find such a file.

Is there a VST file I could use ?

Take a look at the Garritan World Instruments manual to see if their selection of pipes would suffice.

If they are the same as the Pictish Pipes, there is one in the Dark Era collection by Tarilonte. In general, it is an excellent library. Shame it runs on the dreaded BS Engine.


In the absence of anything else, would it offend to use the HALion Bagpipe sound?

Thank you all for the suggestions - I will come back to this thread when I am starting to set up the ideas for the music I have in mind - the journey of St. Cuthbert.

That sounds like an interesting project. Best wishes.

Thank you - you know when there is an idea in mind which you cannot get rid of ? The story of St. Cuthbert from Llindisfarne whose remains where transported by some monks when the Monastery was attacked by Vikings, eventually ending up at Durham, where his remains are now (I believe) just stayed in my mind.
Having heard someone playing a set of Northumbrian pipes on the bridge at Durham it seemed an appropriate sound to be included, but I did not know that it might yet be possible when I get around to putting it all together.
I will let you know when I have something to show for this .

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