non support of basic of high contrast themes



Im running windows 7 , up to date, and using an Aero theme for display and colours, yet Cubase 9.5 has suddenly decided not to open, and display the message, that its doesnt support basic or high contrast themes!! Well Im not using them…im using Aero themes!! this is horrible as its now day three and i cant use my legit and registered software, that has been working perfectly prior to this.
Has my installation become corrupted? my dongle has a slight crackin the plastic, but things have been working ok… should i do an uninstall and re i stall?



You should optimize the system regarding the recommendation.

What does this mean?


Follow this settings, please.

Btw, I would expect it was “Cubase decision”, I would expect something changed in the system during (maybe even silent) Windows (or different) update.