Non-sys text in score appears incorrectly in 1 part only

I am still struggling almost daily with simple formatting issues related to updating old scores I created when I first began using Dorico. I apparently screwed up lots of settings before I understood what master pages were for.

But this, I think is a bug.

1 - Any text objects (shift x) added to the full score appear on the flute part but no others.
2 - it is not reciprocal. text objects added to flute part don’t appear on the full score.
3 - if i delete the (non-system) text object from the flute part, it is deleted in the full-score.

  1. This is correct. You’re adding a text object to a staff, not to a system. In this case, you added the text to the flute staff. It doesn’t matter that the flute is the top-most staff; the text belongs to that staff only. If that staff is in the full score, it’ll show there. You need to use System Text to show the text on all staves’ parts, using Alt-Shift-X. It’ll show at the top of the system for all layouts.

  2. I don’t think that’s accurate. I use text a lot and have never experienced this. If you add text to a part, it will display on any layout that includes that part. Can you show an example?

  3. This is also correct. You deleted it, so it’s gone!

Your thread subject should read: “Non-sys text appears correctly in 1 part only.” :wink:

The difficulty is that, if you’ve added text to the topmost staff, text and system text look the same in the score!

Don’t I feel stupid? I just figured out what you have and was trying to delete the original post.

what I should have posted is this: is there any way to put text on the score that doesn’t appear in parts but will be attached to the top line of the score and follow the horizontal position? I really am trying to have “verse 1” etc on the score but not in parts as it clutters up playing technique markings. For ex if I have detache & div. right at the start of the section, it pushes the rehearsal letter way up in the air.

And what are you doing on this forum on a Sunday? Not that church musicians have anything to do in November, eh?

I forgot to say THANKS! You sure do help a lot of folks.

Ha! We have two morning services and an evening service, plus rehearsals. So I’m sitting here, quite fried, and surfing the forums. I really need a hobby… :laughing:

You could add the text to the top staff in the score, and hide it in that part layout, and don’t propagate. It’s not a great solution and will probably require some manual adjustments, but it works.

I use rehearsal marks (Shift-A), and add suffix of “-V1” and such. That way it’s both descriptive and sequential. I always want all parts to show the same markers; it saves headaches in rehearsal when time is short. I agree about the excessive amount of padding that rehearsal marks require, but I’ve gotten used to it.

Here’s an example. I’m pleased with how it looks, and it works great in rehearsal.

Most excellent. Making the change as we speak.