Non system chord symbols

I know this has been discussed before, but I want wo bring it up again to provide some user feedback.

I understand and appreciate the idea of using a system track for chord symbols. Especially for bands where you have the same chords for the whole rhythm section, this can be very effecive.

However - in other cases - this seems often more time consuming than it is helping.

I’m often composing from scratch - starting with one or two systems and I’m often writing down several versions of the same idea.

There is no really fast way to copy all “musical information”- without also copying system information like rehearsal marks, time tignatures, barlines etc.
I know you can system select the passage and filter chord symbols - but this are 3 actions - which could - maybe should be one…

Coming from other notation programs - I often wrote down more than one chord option at one place in order to decide later which chord to choose.

I wonder if it would “hurt” to add an extra „non system track“ chord text style which uses the same formatting as the normal chords. I would definately use it in a number of cases:

You also NEED some flexibility for cases where you have different chords in different instruments! (e.g. simplified version for the soloist - kicks in rhythm section with options etc.)

Also for soloists - which only need chord symbols for a short solo form - it would often be easier to add chord symbols as non system chord symbols than to enable chord symbols for the whole instrument and then to hide them everywhere else.

In my opinion, system chords could be a good default as it is now.

For my perspective I would use and be very thankful if a more flexible “non system chord text style” would be added one day.

You can input local chord symbols, which only apply to one staff and aren’t treated similarly to system-attached items:

You can use chord symbol regions to define sections where you want to show chord symbols for a particular player, whilst hiding chord symbols for that player outside the boundaries of chord symbol or slash regions:

Hello Lilli,

Thanks for pointing out “local chord symbols” and “chord symbol regions”. Both are really useful!!!

I must have stumbled onto an older blog where these were not included yet and I’m glad that that the team has implemented this now.

The only thing that irritates me is that you have to use the system track in order to select local ( = non system ) chords.

Maybe it would be to consider to include local chords into a normal selection.

Thanks a lot and greetings,