Non-transposing slash rhythmic notation

Fisrt of all, I’m very happy with the new chord symbols feature, and I’m starting to use Dorico as much as my primary notation software. So, thank you for your great job!

I make a lot of pop and jazz charts, so I find that slash notation is a very important feature in my job. It is supposed to be a non-transposing notation, so you get the same appearance in transposing parts and concert pitch scores. Does Dorico have any property options in order to achieve this? If not, has anyone figured out a workaround? Hidden voices may be a solution… :unamused:

For me, it isn’t an urgent feature because I use to work with transposing scores, so I actually get the same “pitch” on a score and transposing parts. But, it would be more convenient if I could copy slashed passages from the rhythm section to the horn section without transposing after pasting them.

There’s no good solution that prevents transposition at the moment, I’m afraid (you could have separate voices at different staff positions, one made transparent in concert layouts and the other made transparent in transposed layouts, but I really don’t consider this to be a good solution!). We hope to have some proper features for slash notation soon.