Non-triggering keys on Keylab 49 Mk II

I’m about ready to uninstall Cubase 12 Artist and never use it again. I’ve been trying to use it on a MacBook Pro M1 13" 2020 running Ventura 13.2.1, with an Arturia KeyLab 49 Mk II connected directly to one of the computer’s two hardware USB C ports.

In Cubase, MIDI controller is set to Arturia Keylab Essential 49. That’s as close as I can come to the KeyLab 49 Mk II.

I was able to record a couple complete keyboard parts in their entirety, using first Arturia’s Prophet V3 plugin, then Arturia’s Mini V3 plugin.

But Cubase in the last couple days has become very flakey. Now when I open a project, the highest G#, A and C don’t trigger anything, and the lowest A# and B don’t trigger anything. All other keys trigger notes just fine.

In the MIDI Remote window, I have two separate instances of Arturia - Keylab Essential 49. One is for the DAW mapping, and the other is the User mapping.

And opening any software synth outside Cubase works just fine - every key plays a sound. Using software synths inside Reason 12 works fine too - every note triggers a sound. So the problem is with Cubase.

** Any ideas what’s going on??

This is driving me crazy. I was used to composing at the piano or Rhodes 73 and stage performance in the 1980s, studio recording with multitrack tape where what you plugged in and turned on was what you got, and was a Silicon Valley IC designer for 25 years, so I have some technical and artistic experience. But this software is nuts.


Most probably these MIDI Notes are filtered out by any of your MIDI Remote Device.

Why do you have two of them?

One is for the DAW choice for remote control, and the other is for the User (non-DAW - no DAW button functions).

When you’re using the “User mode” the Keylab uses its Port1 (not the MIDIIN2) and this port is used also by the keys, as you most probably already know.
In this case, I would advice you to check two things:

  1. In your remote bindings, if you have accidentally binded a midi note to a function.
  2. In your User assignments (from the MIDI Control Center of Arturia) if you setup a control (button,encoder,fader) to a midi note (which is actually the same with (1) but you may find it easier to make a quick inspection)

Checking Arturia’s MIDI Control Center, my guess is that the Keylab Essential MIDI and DAW presets (in Cubase) aren’t a good match for the Keylab 49 Mk II (my actual keyboard, settings accessed in Arturia MIDI Control Center).

The only thing I can do with the keyboard from MIDI Control Center is make global changes for the entire keyboard. I didn’t find a way to check bindings for individual keys there.

There is no preset in Cubase for Arturia’s Keylab Mk II controllers, so I thought the Keylab Essential would be close enough. Guess it isn’t.

The only thing I now need to figure out is how to set a more generic MIDI controller in Cubase and disable the Keylab Essential preset there.

Otherwise, my Keylab 49 Mk II is useless in Cubase.

Be a little patient :slight_smile:
Very soon I’m going to post my own script for the Keylab MK2. It includes the usual handlings, (transport functions and mixer) but I extend it to channel strip, insert and send effects and some sets of commands (which you can then obviously alter to your needs).
Have a quick look in a short demo I’ve made here if you want, which presents the display changing upon actions:

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