None of my midi devices work properly now and I don’t have time to start writing scripts…

Hello Steinberg,
I’m really disappointed with C12. None of my midi devices work properly now and I don’t have time to start writing scripts…

I want to know what the C12 license transfer process so I can sell it please?

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Can’t tell what you’re referring to specifically.

But the Generic Remote is still there, unchanged, if that’s what you mean.

Steinberg hasn’t made a resale wizard for C12 yet.

I understand the OP’s frustration. Steinberg removed the Native Instruments Komplete Control keyboard controller scripts that worked.

Some people have zero interest in creating MIDI Remote scripts and would rather focus on making music. Why take away what was working and leave users with nothing?

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I just don’t understand why you’re speaking as if the Generic Remote has already been removed.

When was Native Instruments Komplete Control included with Cubase?

For some reason the MIDI generic remotes don’t automatically copy across. But if you go in there and create new, they will show up in order.

I don’t know if that’s deliberate from Steinberg or a bug, but it’s an easy fix to get back.

Also Komplete Kontrol scripts should work fine, mine came across from C11, only generic remotes didn’t come across smoothly.


There were scripts included that have been removed, it would appear. Here are instructions for setting up the Komplete Control Keyboards before Cubase 12.

That info is for Cubase 8.5, from 2015. What was the last version in which you used it?

It’s very likely that NI supplied it, and that it’s up to them to update it.

Yup, it’s installed when you install Komplete Kontrol.

On windows the extension gets installed to here:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components\KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series.dll

So it’s not linked to any Cubase version, being part of the shared components.


I appreciate the help, thank you.

I have Komplete Control installed and up to date, but no idea what the equivalent file would be on the Mac for “KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series.dll”, if it exists.

probably the same name without the suffix.

@steve The support articles above were current until Cubase 12, according to NI. Before posting any of this, I Searched my Mac for the the old control script and could not find it.

I can get Cubase 12 Quick Controls mapped, and I can assign buttons to do things like open the channel settings editor and the instrument on the current channel, but no luck on things like Play, Record, Stop, Loop, Octave Up or Down. Maybe someone else has figured out transport control mapping from the KOMPLETE KONTROL S61 MK2 to Cubase 12?

This video - - for setting up Machine as a controller with the new functionality show using the Controller Editor to assist getting things setup. However, with the KOMPLETE KONTROL S61 MK2 you can’t use the NI Controller Editor application anymore, you have to use standalone Komplete Control. Through Komplete Control 2.6.7 (R1) there is no access to transport buttons, octaves, etc.

Check “/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components” and see if you find the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series in there. To answer your question, this is the Mac equivalent folder to the Windows shared components folder that the user above you mentioned.

hi @yeahimsteve thanks for the file path. I really appreciate the help. That’s the first place I checked. No script there on my machine. Thank you for confirming the location.

If anyone happens to have the Mac script, please pass it along :slight_smile:


Hey Bill, no problem. Here’s something else to consider to address your issue, which you mentioned about not being able to use the Controller Editor application anymore:
The following link talks about how if you want to still use the application, that you need to uninstall the version of the NI Controller Editor that you’re using and then to downgrade to version 1.7.4:
Scroll down to the area where it says:
“If you wish to edit the MIDI properties of your controller you can downgrade to Controller Editor 1.7.4. To do so, you must first uninstall the current version of Controller Editor and then reinstall version 1.7.4 as explained below.”

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@yeahimsteve Thank you. I’ll check that article out and see if the workaround works for the older version of Controller Editor.

I have also emailed Steinberg support. I’ll probably create a support ticket with NI as well.

Hi guys,
It’s great that there’s NI scripts but I don’t use NI.

Is there a script for the:

Arturia Keystep Pro
Behringer X-touch (not the little one…)
Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3

My x-touch was working fine in c11, now I cannot set it up properly.
There is no option to choose INT in and out so it cannot sync. You can only choose the INT on the input.

I don’t want to be learning to write scripts, I haven’t the time & why should I be searching the internet daily to hope that someday I will find these scripts.

I would role it back to C11 but I get a license error and cannot open it.

I thought I’d download Live 11, low and behold all the devices are detected and work perfectly.

Why can’t Cubase 12 do that?

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I completely uninstalled Komplete Kontrol and reinstalled, and the original legacy script showed up. Now I have basic keyboard functions working again with my KOMPLETE KONTROL S61 MK2.

KOMPLETE_KONTROL_S-Series_MK2_Cubase_Shortcut_Sheet.pdf (158.0 KB)

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Just went though this thread again and since I’m at my desk, thought I’d check it out. My script is there but how do I get Cubase to recognize it?

You don’t need a script for the Behringer X-Touch. Just set it up as an MCU and it will work straight out of the box.

Unfortunately not the case here.
That was the first thing I tried to do.