None of the Cubasis instruments are being mapped into Cubase 12?

So I am using all the built-in presets that comes with Cubasis 2.8, and it looks like, when I import the project, into Cubase 12. none of the VSTS are mapping to Retro log, or HALION Sonic ? is this normal?
I have the latest version of importer.

No Feeback on this, Steinberg?
Shouldn’t the built-in patches be mapped automatically for Cubasis to Cubase 12.0.60?
Thanks in advance…


Sorry, this is user forum…

Did you also use HALion Sonic in Cubasis?

Cubasis is type of an idea pad/ iPad app, you create something there, and then you import that project into your full cubase version. It should map automatically. instruments that come with Cubasis, are just a subset ,of instruments that are bundled with the full version of cubase. It used to work, but it’s not working anymore.


I know what Cubasis is. You can use 3rd party sounds generator in it too. Therefore I was asking you are using the internal sounds.

yes I am using nothing but stock sound and instruments.