Noob: did some work in 9.5.10, upgraded to 9.5.50, pitch is wrong

I’m an ultra-noob with WaveLab, but with decades of audio & recording experience.

I’m not yet clear on the distinctions between Projects, Montages, Files and File Groups (have I missed anything?), but I’m learning that there are distinctions.

I installed WL 9.5.10 2 days ago, and did some experimental work. I was editing a post asking about the file distinctions as well as best practices for storing input and output audio files together with WL files (which doesn’t look automatic, though please correct me if that’s wrong).

But after updating to 9.5.50, the files, project and montages that Ive been manipulating play at the wrong speed - 1 or 2 octaves high and fast. I have no doubt that something I’ve done could be the root cause, but the files created and edited with 9.5.10 didn’t do this.

Is there a simple suggestion for how to sort this out?!


Perhaps your sound card has not reset and is playing the file at the incorrect sample rate (from a previous file played or a sound card default).

Maybe have a look at File > Preferences > Audio Connections Assuming you are using ASIO connections, go to control panel and see what your card thinks the sample rate is.

WL sends a message to your card to reset it to the relevant sample rate when you press play. If this is not happening for some reason more information about your system/soundcard/interface would be helpful.

Ah, thanks Rat. The speed (or sample rate) issues were with a different audio interface. I did some work with an OPPO usb DAC, which sounded (and still sounds) fine. The sync problems were with the usb audio output from a thunderbolt dock (which I don’t have with me at the moment, but I’ll check it soon and report back).

The audio interface reset theory is probably right. I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem in subsequent sessions.

I was afraid I’d set some property of a file (or project, or montage) that horked things, but not so. (at least this time :wink:

Happy that it looks resolved … you have reason to be optimistic about WL