Noob Problems

So, I was working with a fiddle player and had three sources, two mics and a direct signal. She wanted to do three takes, keep them all and go back later to stack and arrange them. I misunderstood and created a whole new project for the second and third takes. When I finally understood what she wanted me to do, I located the files from the first take and drug them into the project with takes two and three. Which basically worked, I think.

Today when I was working with the project with all three takes, I noticed that the files for take 1 and take 2 were the same, both the files from take 1. I assumed it had something to do with the file path from where I drug the first take into the new project. When I went looking for the files from take 2, they were in the Audio folder, but they were all zero bytes. I don’t recall deleting them, and I’m wondering if they ended up somewhere wonky because of my clumsy handling of the files.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Am I a lone numbskull in this? It is very probable. All the same, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Strange that the files from take 2 are missing… Take 1 would’ve made more sense.
Anyway, did you look in the pool window in your 2nd Cubase project? You can see all audio files related to that project there, and hopefully locate them.

use the function “prepare archive” this will copy any files that live elsewhere into the audio folder of the current project. this is the safest way to make sure you do not loose any files.