Noob quesrion: Mixdown VSTi's to audio?

I’m comming over from Sonar and there I just highlighted the MIDI and corresponding VSTi tracks and did a bounce externally or into the project. I can’t seem to figure out how to do that in Cubase 7.5.

Any help is appreciated!

Aloha v,

1-Select the VST’i track(s) and set locators and then
2-Go to ‘Export’.

When there near the bottom there is a field called:
‘Import into Project’.

3-Then tick the ‘Audio Track’ box.

4-Hit ‘Export’.

This will put an audio track of the VST’i(s) on your Project Page.

Good Luck!

I still like using Cakewalk/Sonar on occasion and Craig Anderton
is one of my personal heroes.

Thanks curteye!

curteye’s explanation is good if you intend to use the audiofile somewhere else. If you just want to free up some processing power, it’s a better idea to just hit the tracks “Freeze” button.

This option is much faster (and closely resembles what is called “bouncing” in other programs). It also allows you to easily “UnFreeze” the track if you find that you need to correct something in your music (or an effect setting, if you freeze the effects aswell).

I find this a very useful feature in Cubase. I mean, what’s the point in having VSTi’s running live, if you’re not editing the MIDI information. They are just wasting processing power. Just “Freeze” them. If you find that you need to edit the music at a later date, just click the “Unfreeze” button, and you’re ready to go. No need to find the original MIDI track, loading the VSTi and finding the correct patch/sample. It’s all done for you automatically.

Does Sonar have an “Unbounce” feature? Cubase does!

Thanks Svenne,

If you Freeze VSTi tracks can you then mix them down with your final mix?

Yes. They operate just as “normal” audio tracks. The difference being that you can unfreeze them if you feel the need the need to edit them. You can also decide whether you want to include the effects, or just freeze the VSTi audio only. I prefer the latter.

the freeze is a useless waste of time if your aim is to mangle the frozen region in audio (reverse, chop and whatnot).

there really should be a quick and easy bounce option to turn a vst track or region to an audio file (with or without sends as preferred by user).

i’m always bouncing to audio for editing and to make sure there really is a dead silence when i need one. also, some of us dont want an echoing send reverb on all of the time.

the freeze function barely frees up and anything and just means more clicking if you want to edit

Well, I rarely reverse, chop or whatnot my audio channels, but… Freeze the channel in question. If you want to freeze a single part, drag that part below your current channels. A new channel with the correct settings is then created. Now freeze this channel. Make sure that “Freeze Instrument only” is selected, if you don’t “want an echoing send reverb on all of the time” and “Freeze Instrument and Channels” if you do.

If you want to edit your frozen file, simply find your product folder. It’s right there in the “Freeze” subfolder. Drag it onto you project in Cubase. Now you can “reverse, chop and whatnot” to your heart’s content.

Of cause you lose the ability to unfreeze the copied track. But you wouldn’t have that option with a “bounced” audio file anyway, would you?

By you’re right. My finger is utterly exhausted after all that clicking. Well, explaining it was actually more work than doing it. :wink:

svenne i’ll check your tips tonight. if you are onto something, hats off. if you’re not, no harm done trying.

less clicks makes me happy

Svenne yea those are some handy tips in the right direction. But… what i’ve already done is a bit more simple. I’ve created a macro that cycles and solos the selected region and bypasses all group effects and bounces the selection into an audio file and imports it into the project. the only problem is now as i’m testing this again is its slow as hell with the bounce compared to logic and i always have to be mindful about the audio export settings being in tact (project folder selected) otherwise the audio will be scattered around the hd (+remember to reroute the newly created audio track to the same buss as the original as logic does by default).

well… i can see how this turned into something else i intended ( a logic rant)… but what i’m saying is cubase could really do with a button that does the same thing i had to figure out on my own to create a macro for…

but svenne, you are onto something. i guess the freeze function isn’t all that terrible. its just not where it could be in terms of usefulness (at least to me).

Why is it that I can’t freeze some synths and I can freeze others?