Noob question about using midi controllers

Hi all,
I just bought cubasis as an upgrade from garageband, but I can’t get my electronic drums to play with the virtual instruments. In garageband I just plugged them in and they worked… My drums just have a standard usb out.



thanks for the switch and glad to have you with us… Could maybe the user guide solve the problem?

And what specific “electronic drums” are you using and what other gear like any interface?

Let me know…


Thanks RG, I did read through the user guide, but its still not working…

The drums are Legacy DD501. I only use them as pads to control virtual instruments, so at the moment, I have them plugged directly into my iPad via USB through a USB adapter.

In the track settings, under midi input, I have ‘all inputs’ selected. I’ve used different ‘channel’ settings, because I don’t know what channels its actually referring to. I have the midi through option turned off.