Noob Question: Midi part length and note length.

Hi there,

Just entered the Cubase world and i love it !
However, still struggling with some questions.


I have a Midi Part in the main Event window, which contains some notes, till the end of the part.
Now i shorten the length of the midi part in the Event Window.
What i want is that the notes at the end of the part automatically are shortened too.

Can someone help me with this ?



Normally, the length of a note is stored along with its start time, so, shortening a Part will not shorten any note whose start point is still inside the Part.
But, when you cut (i.e. “split”) a Part, there is the option, in Preferences>Editing>MIDI to “Split MIDI Events”. This will effectively chop off any notes whose length would otherwise run past the split point.

Wow, thanks for your clear explanation !!