Noob question re: Recording

Hey all,

I’m not new to technology but sometimes the concept of signal routing, etc. can befuddle me. :open_mouth:

I’m using LE5 with an Alesis Multimix which has stereo USB.

What I am doing is loading a “Jam Track” into track one and I have my amp mic’d up going into channel 1 of the mixer and routing to track 2 in LE5.

I want to record my guitar into track 2 while “monitoring” track 1. The problem is, since I only have one stereo input and one stereo output, while track 2 is set to record, it is recording the original “Jam Track” audio from track 1 as well as the guitar. I want track 2 to be isolated and want to be able to play along with it, but I don’t what it routed back to the input of LE5.

What am I missing? Since you really can’t “route” the USB signal, I’m assuming it goes on the main buss, so anything that passes into the mixer via the USB, ends up on the main buss, therefore anytime you try to record from the USB, you are going to get everything that passes through the mixer. Again, I’m having a problem getting my head around this whole thing…

Any suggestions?

Screenshots of the Inspectors of both tracks.

Will get some screen shots tonight…


There’s a button on the Multimix called “2tk to mix”. This button routes the USB signal from the computer to the stereo outs and the USB back to the computer.

Toggle this button, problem should be solved.

You know, I believe I tried that, but when I mess with it, I either get god-awful feedback, or don’t hear the jam track in the speakers, but I’ll mess with it again…I could be wrong! Thanks!

That did the trick. Thanks.