noob question...sorry!

Sorry, I feel dumb even asking this, I wish there were a seperate forum for complete noobs who dont know anything, haha…

But when I close cubase, the tool bar for some reason stays open. Any idea why? Its the bar with the play stop and record buttons. If I click somewhere else, it disappears, but then if I double click on cubase in the dock (I have an imac) then that tool bar pops up again, instead of the whole cubase program. In order to reopen cubase, I have to right click>quit. Then reopen it again.

What version of OSX are you running?

Sounds like you have closed the project but not quit Cubase. If no project is open on Mac you would just see the transport and then the Cubase menu at the top. To close Cubase you can either close it out on the Dock icon or by clicking on Cubase then quit at the top of the screen.

If you want to close a project and create new one or open another project go to file, New Project, or File, Open at the top of your screen.

ah! ok thats what it was. I wasn’t closing cubase completely I guess. I thought clicking on the red x on the top left closed. it. I also thought that toolbar thing was part of the overall window, I didn’t understand why that was still staying there. thanks for the help.

Never be sorry for asking a noob question.

…unless you haven’t tried your manual. :wink:

Even then. In my view, it’s not a bad thing if -every- piece of info you could find in the manual was duplicated here—especially since the PDF search is so poor. It’s not like bytes have to be rationed. Who cares if a questions has been answered before… even 1,000 times? It’s always new to somebody.

The only things that ever irk me are questions (and answers) that lack sincerity.


Haha! Ditto to that. I’ve never understood why people get so irritated about repeat questions. Its not that big a deal. Plus, I can’t tell you how many times I searched for an answer and found a link to a topic where people replied, “use the search bar!”. I’m thinking; “if you had just answered the question here I wouldn’t need to post it somewhere else.”. Haha, so far I’ve found the Steinberg forums pretty helpful, which I appreciate.

One thing that might irritate people is the subject of your thread. When other people search the forum for the same problem you just found a solution to, they might not find this discussion unless they want to browse “noob questions” all day.

Something like, “Noob Help: Cubase Transport Bar Won’t Close on OSX” might be more useful to searchers and to those who want to help as well. Imagine all the Windows users clicking on your topic as it is with intent to help, only to read a paragraph of text and realize that they can’t be familiar with your problem because of a different OS.

It’s good to ask questions, but just do so thoughtfully. Thoughtfully asked questions are never bad!

Right, I definitely agree with that. I’ll remember that in the future.