Noob question: UR22 output

Hey guys,

Just got the UR22.

Wanted to plugin my Rokit 5 monitors as I used them on my Tascam US122 mkII but can’t! (sorry I am a newb and assumed that all of this was standard). On the KRK Rokit website these are the specifications of the input:

Input Connectors:
Unbalanced RCA
Balanced 1/4" TRS
Balanced XLR

Here’s what I see for the UR22:

LINE OUTPUT 2/R 1/L] jack
For connection to monitor speakers (powered
This jack can be connected to both
XLR-type and phone-type (balanced/
unbalanced) plugs. These jacks output the mixed
signal from the analog input jacks and the signal
from a DAW or other audio software.

What can I do?