Noob with a question

Gday all.

I’m pretty new DAW systems and having worked on many stand alone machines I thougfht it time to update and explore all the cool possibilities there are with DAWs. Anyway, Ive looked at a few and trialed Ableton and Pro Tools. Ableton not for my music really and Pro Tools was great…but the cost! Holy Crap! and to keeo getting support they hold a gun to your head and say cough up $50 /month! So I looked at Cubase ( similar interface to Pro Tools which I like ) and am tialing the elements version at the moment and really like it! My question is, do you get updates for the edition you have for free untill it’s no longer supported? The Pro Tools thing freaked me out!

Cheers :wink:


There are around 4-6 free updates per year, until next generation of Cubase comes in. Then there are 1-2 free updates for the “old” generation, next year. With Cubase Elements it’s a bit different, because the life-cycle is not 1 year (as it is with Cubase Pro and Artist), but 2 years (because .5 versions are not released for Cubase Elements/AI/LE). So you get 5-7 updates for free during the two years.

After this, there is no more update of the product. But still supported.