Noobie Question/Copy Paste

Elements 8
Im trying to find a way to copy and paste using only the mouse. No Alt key or anything. I usually write songs with a guitar in my hand and a pick in my mouth. Im just looking for a way to point click copy/ click paste. The only way I have been able to do this is by going to edit copy/ edit paste. Anyone know a faster way for me?

Hi and welcome,

In the Preferences > Editing > Tools, disable Pop-up Toolbox on Right Click.

  • Click to the event you want to copy, to select it.
  • Right-click to pop-up the menu > Edit > Copy.
  • Click to the Ruler, to put the cursor, where you want to Paste.
  • Right-click to pop-up the menu > Edit > Paste.

If you want just to duplicate the event, immediately after the one you already haveā€¦

  • Move your mouse over the event, you want to duplicate (at the end).
  • At the right end, the middle dot his a hot-spot. Click on it, and move it to the right.
    => The event is duplicated (even multiple-times).