Nooby with no sound

LexiconOmega Win7 CubaseLE - unit formerly worked on XP computer

I have installed the Latest Lexinton Omega Driver for Cubase LE 4 although I’m using Cubase LE

I’ve kept fiddling and finally got sound. WoopieDo

Don’t start the party yet but I’m happy with present progress.

i am haveing an issue getting sound to record from my lexicon interface on cubase as well, i got the lexicon omega, cubase le 4 bundle. i also up graded from xp to 7, so where did you find the driver update for lexicon? i coulndt find anything on the lexicon site

I am having the same issues. Started using Lexicon in 2009 with Cubase4 LE bundle with no success. Moved on to Sonar Cakewalk and it worked fine. Am now trying to learn Cubase with the intention of upgrading for school use but again cannot get sound to happen consistently and I have no idea what I do differently when it does work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My OS is Vista Ultimate, with 3G RAM, duo T2300 CPU.

Guys: So do you all have the right drivers for your operating system’s and the Lexicon Omega :question:

And checkout this youtube video on installing the omega
with Cubase LE (Note: this video isn’t Le4 but it will probably help you guys out) :wink:

PS: On Lexicons download page over on the right side they have 2 videos
one about Le4 instalation and the other a SETUP GUIDE. Check um out :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: