Nord Stage Classic with Cubase Artist 6 (Help Please)

Hi folks,

i have Cubase Artist 6 software on my Windows 7 laptop and was wondering if any members on here have managed to combine this program with a Nord Stage keyboard (or simlar type external keyboard) ?? As you are aware, Cubase includes HALion Sonic as its source for an array of sounds and many of these are extremely impressive and useable.

i connected a small/basic Midi Controler keyboard (M-Audio) to my Cubase and succesfully managed to play all the Preset sounds, no problem. This was fine for inputting notes to record individual tracks within Cubase utilizing the onboard HALion Sonic VST library.

However, i am very interested in the possibilities of using my Nord Stage Classic in conjunction with the HALion Sonic (or similar VST libraries) in a LIVE PERFORMANCE setting.

i have a Midi-Sport box which will convert Midi Terminal to USB if needed. i am really not sure if i need such a device or if i simply connect the USB of the Nord to the USB on the laptop (as i do with the Sound Manager program) ??

And i would be very interested to learn if i can control parameters such as Program Change and Control Change via the Nord External Section. i am currently using my Nord Stage to cantrol a Roland JV1080 sound module and so i would like to be able to control sounds within HALion in the same way if possible ??

Thanks guys…

If the Nord sends midi on all it’s controls then yes, that is possible. The midisport will work, if the Nord sends midi over USB than that will work fine too.
Look up Generic Remote to set up the controls on your keyboard to control Halion (or something else)

**Thanks Strophoid,

i connected the Nord and laptop via the Midi-Sport as you suggested and it worked fine first time !!

Now, what i am particularly interseted in is using this in a LIVE PERFORMANCE situation. So i need to know how to change patch (ie change the sounds on the HALion) via the Nord External Section ?? Will i be able to send Program Change messages ??

i am not sure what you mean by the Generic Remote, sorry ??



In your Cubase manual, search for the chapter on Generic remote. It’s not really self-explanatory so I suggest you just read it and try assigning your controls with the manual in hand.

Now for changing presets using a midi controller, I vaguely remember there were some issues with that, but to be honest I wouldn’t know because I’ve never tried it. If you can’t get switching presets to work, you can always set up your project to contain all the presets you want on different tracks and switch tracks instead of presets using your controller.

Good luck.

Thanks Strophoid,

i will have a look this weekend.

Last night i was able to control the VOLUME of the HALion VST via the Nord External Section Volume dial. And i was visibly able to see the Volume Slider in Cubase change in response to the Nord. But when using HALion SE VST sounds i was not able to achieve any results. The Midi Light (yellow flashing next to the Instrument name and Midi icon) blinks when i move the Nord Volume dial. So not sure why it works with one and not the other ??



Hi folks,

i am wondering what would be the best way for me play VST instruments via my (Nord Stage) midi keyboard in a live performance situation. At the moment i would only be using sounds from the HALion Sonic library.

i am now able to trigger the HALion sound(s) via my Nord keyboard and also manipulate the different parameters (eg. Volume, Pitch Bend, Modulation etc) using the Nord External Section dials by assigning the appropriate controller numbers.

However, what i am really not sure about is the best method for switching from one sound to another. Would it be most reliable to use the more traditional method of Program/Bank Change commands (MSB/LSB) ?? i tried all the obvious configurations but none of them seemed to trigger anything whatsoever within Cubase. The Cubase Midi Indiactor flickered a couple of times but that was about all that happened !! So i am not sure if such Program Change commands are possible from an external device ??

Or (as Strophoid suggests), should i have (say) 20 x tracks in Cubase each having a different sound assigned to it (eg. track 1 - Guitar, track 2 - Strings, track 3 Organ, etc) and then flick through the 20 or so tracks to obtain these sounds ?? If so, would i need to have the laptop to my side and switch tracks (ie. sounds) by using the Up/Down Arrow keys on my laptop keypad ?? Or is there another method of doing so ??

With slight reference to this latter method, i have been stuck with an issue i have been experiencing regarding Midi Channels. i was thinking of having each track (sound) on a different Midi Channel and then changing the Midi Transmission Channel on my Nord keyboard to trigger this sound. If i have track 1 on Midi Channel 1 and have my Nord transmitting on Midi Channel 1 the sound plays, no problem. However, if i set track 2 to Midi Channel 2 and have my Nord transmitting on Midi Channel 2 i get NO SOUND whatsoever (and only a flickering Midi LED indicator within Cubase). And same result for setting both devices to Midi Channel 3, 4, 5 etc. The only time i get any sound is when both devices are set to Midi Channel 1. i am really not at all sure why this is so because i assumed they would work on any Midi Channel so long as both devices were sending/receiving on the same one ??

Would be fantastic if someone could advise me please.



Halion Sonic and I’m sure Halion 4 as well are multitimbral, which means you are able to set up to 16 individual patches up, each controlled by a different midi channel. You could set up your instruments that way and then change sounds by changing the midi channel on your Nord Stage.

As for changing tracks using midi messages, that should be possible seeing as my CC121 controller can do it, as can most other control surfaces. You could set up a macro to for instance toggle ‘monitor’ on the current track, switch to the next track and toggle monitor again. That way you need just 1 button to change through all your sounds, provided you set them up in the right order beforehand.

Thanks Strophoid,

i will have a good look into your kind advice. Much appreciated.



Heres what the experts at Steinberg say !!

Program change commands will only work with the general MIDI sounds (GM)
Have you tried loading the sound using the multi rack from HALion Sonic?
I think that should be the easiest way.
The MIDI channel should be left to 1, that is a different configuration.
And for that you need to set it up on Devices > Device setup > MIDI port setup.