Normal Event Resizing (MIDI)

Hi All,
Somewhere along the way event resizing changed and I didn’t notice.
I just want to enlarge the MIDI part by dragging the lower right corner, but it moves the contents also. I don’t know how to make the function work in the normal mode.

Yes, I read the manual, but perhaps not the right part.

Figured it out meself. (At least one way to do it).
Cntl+Rt Clk, then select > Tools > Object Select
Each time you do this, it toggles between normal and time stretch


There are 3 tools under the “Arrow” tool, in fact:

  • Object Selection tool: if you move the right corner, it just resize the MIDI Part from right.
  • Sizing Moves Content: If you move the right corner, it resize the MIDI Part from left and moves the data.
  • Sizing Applies Time Stretch: Change the MIDI Notes position and length in the MIDI Part according to the resizing of the MIDI Part.