Normal fingerings size on Cue notes possible?

How can I have normal-sized fingerings on Cue-sized notes? When trying to give them a normal size in the properties panel in Engrave mode, the note head sizes are changing as well.

Go into Engrave mode, select the fingering(s) which you wish to resize, open the Properties panel, scroll quite far to the right. You should find a column labelled “Fingering and Positions”. In there is a “Scale” button. You can enter a percentage value there. You will probably have to experiment a bit to find out what size gives the look you are seeking. It is probably the inverse of whatever percentage cue size is, eg if cue size was 80%, which equals 4/5, then you could try 125%, which equals 5/4 (I hope my arithmetic is correct). I have a feeling that cue size is about 75% (3/4), which means that 133% (4/3) should produce the size you want.

Great! Thanks so much Steven.