Normal noteheads not working


By default Dorico uses »bigger« noteheads like here:

Switching to »normal« noteheads in the engraving options causes this result:

Whats wrong? How can I solve this issue?
Thanks in advance!

Very modern! :wink:

Have you made any changes in Engraving Options?

What version of Bravura do you have installed?

Hi dankreider!

I have made a lot of changes in engraving options since I am engraving a symphony … but I am not sure if I made some critical changes. To be honest all my changes have been slight ones, normal ones I think.

I don’t know the version of bravura, I even don’t know how to find this out. But I have downloaded Bravura from Github right now and reinstalled it – without any effect.

I expect what’s happened is that you have inadvertently edited the ‘noteheadBlack’ notehead type, probably because you wanted to use headless notes somewhere in your project. Go to Engrave > Notehead Sets, find the ‘Default Noteheads’ set, and click the “revert” button for the first notehead in the set, which I assume will show up as a completely empty item. After you’ve restored the default notehead, the next thing you will need to do is recreate the notehead set that requies the headless notehead. Find this notehead set in the dialog, and then rather than editing directly the first notehead in the set, add a new notehead using the + button in the section at the bottom of the dialog, then edit that one using the pencil icon, and remove the original default notehead from the notehead set.

Thanks, Daniel!
You were wright: I have to use headless notes in this score – for eight notes and quarter note triplets.
So, I did, what you suggested and could restore the normal sized noteheads set. I also edited the the headless notes set by adding a new (headless) note next to the default notehead.
For the default notehead I unchecked both boxes “use for shorter / longer than”, for the headless note I checked both in order to have headless notes. boxes

Now I have the situation, that I have headless notes for eight notes but not for triplets.
I tried to change the duration of the note (quarter note, eight note, number of notes, …), but without any effect.

I have no clue …

I’d need to see the project to be able to solve this, Hans-Peter.

Thanks a lot, Daniel!

I have zipped and attached some bars of the project. The problem accurs in bar 7 in Fl, Kl, Fg (flute, clarinet, bassoon).
You can see the notes without notehead in bar 6–7, but I am not able to set the triplets (end of bar 7) to non-notehead notes too.

Interestingly it wasn’t a problem as long as I used bigger noteheads for the whole project, but with normal ones it seems impossible for me …

Soiree Tyrolienne – excerpt for Daniel (1.54 MB)

Choose Engrave > Notehead Sets, select the ‘Default Noteheads’ set on the left-hand side, select the ‘noteheadBlack’ notehead (with the red flash showing that it’s been modified) and activate the ‘Use for durations shorter than and equal’ checkbox at the bottom of the dialog.

Thanks Daniel!
If I do what you suggest, all noteheads appear again. But I need the other way round: they should disappear. I think I am doing something wrong …

You want all the noteheads in your tuplets not to appear?! You should define a whole new notehead set, then, and make sure that you add a whole new notehead type by clicking the + button in the action bar at the very bottom of the dialog, then edit that one, which will be the second notehead in the grid on the right-hand side of the dialog. Remove the first notehead from the notehead set: if you edit that one, you’ll be editing the default notehead type used by all of the other sets, which you should avoid.