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Hi all. What’s the best way to add playing technique text that’s not in the default list, such as “normale” or “div”? When I add it as text, I don’t see “technique” in the styles list. If I make it a bit smaller it seems to match petty well but I wanted to know if there’s a better/easier way to do this, or how other members do it. Thx!

It depends on the meaning or function of the marking. For example, “normale” is a playing technique, for which you might want to redefine an existing PT. But divisi is about who plays what. If you’re writing divisi on one staff, then arbitrary Shift-X text for “div.” and “unis.” is good enough. But if you’re using the built-in divisi feature with separate staves, Dorico handles those markings automatically.

The latter applies even when you use the Condensing feature. In other words, when you write for, say, Violins on 3 staves in galley view, but show them all on 1 staff in page view, the divisi changes will be marked as part of Condensing.

you can add div, normale or any other text to your playing techniques. It is pretty straight forward: open the right panel with the playing techniques and click on one of the little “+” signs. Type your text, then enter, enter, enter. From now on tour little text is available as playing technique for this Dorico project.
After selecting a note, you can access it by typing Shift-P, followed by the first letters of your text and confirming with enter, enter.

Thank you. And what do you use to cancel things such as “col legno” or “Sul tasto”? I know you can make your own but there must be something in the default list I’m sure. I can’t seem to find it.

nat. (naturale) is commonly used, unless you are heading to another technique (such as pizz, sul pont…).

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