Normalization? So not normal. Levels way over 0dB

I normalize a file, using peak normalization, and 0dB as the max value… and I get a waveform that is blown up way too big, an audio track that hits levels way above 0dB. Something is wrong.

It’s just a mono bass file on a track with no inserts, eqs, channel strip. Nothing.

but what’s interesting is that when I run the “statistics” of the file, from the Audio menu, it says the peak of the file is 0dB.

So Cubase is simply playing and displaying it incorrectly?

Remember the audio waveform zoom!

Good one. No it’s not that. Look at the meter in that picture. It’s maxed out.

I’m not getting this over here. Not when I’m using auto-apply, nor when I do it manually. Do other DOPs work fine?

(I just noticed I uploaded the wrong screenshot of the statistics. I had normalized the file to -12dB to test it.)

What do you mean by DOB?

So for your normalized audio file, how high does the meter come up? To 0?

Direct Offline Process.

Yes, when I normalize to 0, I get 0. When to -3, -3. Works fine over here.

If you select the Audio Event is the value shown on the Info Line in the Volume field set to something other than 0.00?

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Well, none other than 16.17 dB.
OMGosh, mystery solved.
Thank you!