Normalize feature question


When I choose Normalize, there is a number, say -2.00. Was there any analyzing done on my track by the system to arrive at this number or this number is just random?

I am using Cubase Elements. If this number is random, is there an analyze feature here that I am missing and what is it referencing?



Normalize -2dB, means that after normalizing the highest peak level of that audio will be at -2dB.
So if your audio event has a max peak level of say -20dB, the entire audio event will be amplified +18dB so the max peak now is -2dB.
I would consider-2dB to be way to hot if you plan to add any form of additive EQ etc.
Just input any level you want to be the max level.

Thanks Peakae!

You can also normalize in LUFS, and then you can have + peaks. But I dont think Elemenets has LUFS normaliser.

I don’t think it does, so I left it out not to confuse things. But worth mentioning.