"Normalize" MIDI levels to trig SD3?

I am recording my audio with -18dB as my 0dB. The problem is now when I am converting drum hits to audio, the velocity becomes too low. I would like to raise all the velocity of these (drum) MIDI tracks so that the peaks are at 127 (i.e.maxed). What I am trying to do is like using “Normalize” on audio tracks, but on MIDI.

How do I do this?


Several ways of doing this.

  1. Select all the midi notes and then place the cursor on one of the velocity bars at the bottom so it turns into 2 arrows (up and down above each other) You can then drag all velocities up and down at once.

  2. Use the Logical editor to raise velocity however you like.

  3. Not a real solution but record a bit more hot. In a modern DAW there is really no benefit from keeping the signal so low. Personally when recording i always keep the input channel untouched at 0 and then use the preamp knob on my interface to adjust to just below clipping.

Thank you! Great! :slight_smile: