Normalize with one click?


is there a possibility ( e.g. with the help of a macro) to normalize an ‘audio event’ with a key command (e.g. to -12dB). I would like to automate this whole process, which normally involves several steps. For example after a ‘Render in Place’ or import of an audio file.

best regards

I would do this as following :

  1. Process>Normalize command.
  2. Set the command as wanted and click on Apply (to test the result)
  3. Drag and Drop the Normalize process listed in the upper part of the DOP window left pane to the lower one (let’s say it becomes the ‘Favorite 1’).
  4. Set, in the Key Commands window, a shortcut to the Direct offline processing>Favorite 1 command.

Granted, it’s not one click, but still… It’s one key stroke. :no_mouth:

Thank you. I will give it a try.