Normalize with one click?


is there a possibility ( e.g. with the help of a macro) to normalize an ‘audio event’ with a key command (e.g. to -12dB). I would like to automate this whole process, which normally involves several steps. For example after a ‘Render in Place’ or import of an audio file.

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I would do this as following :

  1. Process>Normalize command.
  2. Set the command as wanted and click on Apply (to test the result)
  3. Drag and Drop the Normalize process listed in the upper part of the DOP window left pane to the lower one (let’s say it becomes the ‘Favorite 1’).
  4. Set, in the Key Commands window, a shortcut to the Direct offline processing>Favorite 1 command.

Granted, it’s not one click, but still… It’s one key stroke. :no_mouth:

Thank you. I will give it a try.

I’m just watching a video with Chris Lord Alge and he mentions that one of the first things he does before mixing is to “normalize” the vocals. I’m not even sure what this is or how necessary it is. Does anybody here know? I’m running Cubase Pro 12. Does it have that function?

Within the Audio tab is a listing called ‘Processes’. Click on this and find the word ‘normalize’. First decide if you want to normalize your peaks or normalize the loudness/quietness of your vocal part (normalizing the loudness is what CLA is talking about). Click on this and set your level, (‘0’ db comes to mind, but you can try whatever level you may need - too much will bring on the distortion here, too little will still be lost in the mix).

What this will do is bring up the volume of the quiet vocal parts and that’s the goal he’s after, so that the music is not overwhelming a quiet vocal part. The downside here is that, if the music is trying to convey a quiet mood (with the instruments dropping down in volume), then you will need to split your vocal take and normalize that section to perhaps a lower level, say -3 db or whatever you decide.

When I made music back in the day, normalizing audio was a fairly normal boring standard step when recording instruments. Are people still doing that? What are people doing instead?

I just tried normalizing and got stuck in some automated processes screen. I saw the two normalizing options and they looked cool, but seemed to introduce distortion. Is that a bug?

I tried to see what I could do with a naked signal but it was too low. So I went back to the normalization screen. Now I can select normalization but the volume controls wont pull up and selecting normalization does nothing…

Wish I could just simply normalize like back in the day.

I never normalize. Peak normalizing is generally hit and miss anyway unless you have a very consistent signal to begin with. I admit I didn’t really check out the new loudness normalizing yet, that might be better…
but what I usually do for gain staging is a) event volume (with splitting the event if necessary) or b) pre gain (automated if necessary). It’s usually faster for me and I have more control if I need so.

In cubase you can also LUFS normalise. But how do you do a key-command set so that you have both peak as one command and LUFS as a other command? (Or more precise direct access to one of the 4 process banks)

If you are working with sensible recording options and headroom there is absolutely no need to normalise any more. That’s all in the past.

the direct-offline-processing presets also can be applied to range-selected parts of an event without splitting the event in pieces. I have -+1db gain changes and other useful tasks assigned to DOP-presets and use it for quick deessing and levelling out vocals. The video shows reducing louder parts of a vocal and -s in -1db increments

Just drag your most used processes to one of the 9 favorites, you can then rename them and access banks and favorites via key commands.

It seems like there is a need for some macros here. I see the banks as chains, but it does not get applied as chains so I misinterpreted its function. What version do you use? I don’t see the Program-Gated/ Dialog-gated parameters in cubase 12.0.40.
Is it nuendo?

Ah, sorry, I’m on Nuendo 12.0.4, must be some differences in parameters .
regarding chains of processes: You can apply multiple processes, select them all and drop them to a favourite, then you can trigger this favourite to apply the chain.
The bank-keycomands are for switching favourite-banks.

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Agreed - unless you’re exchanging stems with other gear/software/collaborators in a format that has limited bit resolution (say, 44.1 kHz / 16 it). In that case, I normalize my stems to within a few dB of headroom so that the stems exploit the full 16 bits.