"NorMusic2" coming soon

Hi, It took me about 1 year to make my first engraver font. Below is a preview of my new music font in the engraver style: “NorMusic2” mixed with my “NorB TypeWriter” text font. SMuFL’ing the font is in progress.

Is the rather poor spacing in the intial pickup bar intentional? Not a great first impression.

Without wanting to sound too critical, I agree with TylerE. There are several things on this page that are incorrect!

Was this done in Dorico? Or something else? The overlapping of noteheads in bars 11 and 12 looks a bit odd.

As for the font: congratulations. I’m working on one myself and I know how much work it is.
If I were to make criticisms: the loop on the G clef is a bit large, and the time sig numerals are also slightly too big.

Of course, I’d also suggest that the Typewriter font works better with Jazz-style handwriting, rather than engraved music, which suits a serif face.

It’s just a preview and it shouldn’t be neat due to the development process that’s taking long to fix. Thanks a lot for your feedback.

The score was done quickly on Sibelius. I will try to export as XML then post another preview using Dorico.

It’s my attention to make the font a bit thicker. I could make a light version of it. Stay tuned.

Excellent. What persuaded you to doing it and what can we expect?

I started a thread on it here, which explains my motivation. (Rainy holiday)

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